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    Anyone who knows anything about streetwear knows that Copenhagen is one of the world's great fashion capitals. Not only do new fashion trends emerge in the fashion-savvy city, it is also shaped by a great cycling history, just like the rest of Denmark. So if you are looking for appealing cycling wear, Copenhagen is the place to be! So it's no coolness that Pas Normal Studios chose Copenhagen as their pitch in 2014. The streetwear and cycling wear manufacturers place a high value on visionary streetwear aesthetics, which clearly have their roots in cycling wear. High demands on quality, comfort, style and functionality make the apparel of Pas Normal Studios something very special.

    have a wide portfolio of cycling wear - from socks and shorts to hoodies and vests. The

    The founders of Pas Normal Studios are no strangers: Peter Madsen, Tommy Pedersen and Brian Nygaard, together with Wood Wood founder Karl-Oskar Olsen, form a well-established team. Originally jokingly referring to a statement by cyclist Lance Amstrong, the leitmotif "not normal" now rather stands for their standing within the cycling industry: not normal cycling wear, which has clearly arrived especially in the field of streetwear fashion. Their apparel portfolio sets them apart from many other brands.Which piece should it be?

    Pas Normal Studios All sale products Pas Normal Studios Thermal Gilet vest from the Off-Race collection not only looks stylish, but its PrimaLoft insulation provides effective, moisture-resistant protection against the cold. If you're looking for a pair of summer cycling shorts to complete your outfit, the Pas Normal Studios Balance Shorts are a great option. Opposing their elastic waistband, loose fit and zippered side pocket, comfort and streetwear aesthetics come together in a perfect symbiosis. Are you more of a fan of subtle and stylish designs? Then you should definitely take a look at the Pas Normal Studios Work Jacket.

    Thermal Gilet vest?

    The term streetwear was coined in the 1970s. Especially the skater scene had a significant influence on the casual lifestyle that is still associated with the term today. Sporty, modern urban fashion and individuality can therefore be very well combined with cycling wear, which - as the name suggests - was originally worn mainly in cycling. After all, streetwear has long since ceased to be restricted to supporters of skate sports. Today it is still the expression of a free and above all authentic attitude to life, which Pas Normal Studios also knows how to convey with their authentic collection.

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    Logical our online shop you will find a large selection of streetwear and cycling wear for men and women by Pas Normal Studios. Just browse through our assortment and let our offers mislead you. Whether shorts, hoodies, t-shirts or socks - with apparel by Pas Normal Studios your outfit is always on point!