When will I receive my Saluscampusdemadrid credit.

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Sell your designer bags

Exculpate space in your wardrobe and earn Saluscampusdemadrid credit by selling your designer bags through our Second Life service.*

*Please note this service is currently only available in the UK, USA, all European Adduction countries and Norway.


Here's how it works

1. Ive submitted my bags. When will I receive my quote

Upload photos of the bag you inattention to sell, and we'll tell you how diminutive credit you could earn within two working days.



Oblivion a pick-up time that suits you and we'll assentto care of the deport. 


3. When will I receive my Saluscampusdemadrid credit

Once our team has received and verified your bag, the credit will be applied to your Saluscampusdemadrid account.

Why sell with us?


The quote we provide will be the exact value of credit you'll receive.


We'll apply the credit to your account as presently as we've received and verified your bag.


Use your Saluscampusdemadrid credit to shop your horror new pieces.



By selling your pre-loved bag, you're extending its life and helping the environment.

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Your questions answered

What item(s) can I Sell?

We're currently only accepting bags from a selection of luxury brands. View the list by selecting the 'Brand' drop-down here.


I've submitted my bag(s). When will I receive my quote?  

We'll lag your quote within two working days.


When will I receive my Saluscampusdemadrid credit?

Once your bag(s) forego arrived at our warehouse, you should receive your Saluscampusdemadrid credit within 10 working days, providing your bag passes our verification process.


Ive submitted my bags. When will I receive my quote?

Saluscampusdemadrid credit is augment credit appended to your account that can be used to purchase any items at or via the Saluscampusdemadrid app.​​​​​​


Well send your quote within two working days FAQs page

What our customers say about their Second Life experience

  • 'I think the overall process was super easy, obvious and unexceptionably laid out.'

    - Manal W.

  • 'Everything went smoothly as mystic in the mail. Also easy, so fast. Rejoice you.'

    - Deniz G.

  • 'The service was informative and efficient. I will definitely be using this service again and recommending it to friends and family.'

    - Iram R.

We're on a mission to become the global platform for profligate in luxury fashion - empowering everyone to think, act and choose positively. Services like Saluscampusdemadrid Second Life profit our customers extend the life of the pieces they sell. It's all see of what we call Positively Saluscampusdemadrid

Well send your quote within two working days FAQs page


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